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madalinas you don't want to add to the off-peak just the peak where it's needed. we also separately feel there is a role for company ramp madalinas. companies want to control their own business. but the reality is that for a ramp madalinas i want tow be able to holiday the dispatch accountable for getting there. so if there's going to be a role the ramp madalinas are the place for it to be and that will serve two purposes at once. almost there. direct laefs is quite controversial it has been in the city already. so it was all no, they don't want the m t a to get into the business. they're only providing the madalinas in a different form. but when he went out and asked drivers more than half strongly agree 5 out of 5 that drivers without madalinas should have the choice to lease the madalinas directly. and the trust issues were apparent. they really want that choice. now madalinas holders a third of them want the choice too. but there's definite majority rule drivers out there you don't make them do it but to give them that option. now we presented all this report to town hall so it's wor
for the madalinas that increases their positions. >> we can hear from the public. thank you very much. okay. let's hear from the public >> are there members from the public who have not turned in their speaker card please do so now. the first 3 speakers. (calling names) >> hello, i'm saying most of my speech is blown out of the water so i'm glad the speaker was offering that. >> please don't make up your minds until you hear the story about the lift and sidecar. i don't know on this call it's complicated issue but when this topic comes please don't yield to what director says about multi leaving leasing. >> i'm a - by limiting the hours that those madalinas can be on the street have greatly effected how people can see the transportation. and with a simple madalinas owners there is a loyalty to the integrity of the program. in my opinion one of the unforeseen benefits is that this class of drivers produces an environment of teamwork. additionally there has been sefrmentd that local customers have made inquiries about the health of the drivers in san francisco. the idea has received great revi
else. we want to put forth a madalinas because it was asked for 4 madalinas. secondarily he said 1 hundred and 20 madalinas and we never saw your report he said well, we were talking about back and forth. so just kept the money a client comes to us and we do what we say. so this report is baseless. another thing in this report is madalinas going for $6,000 there is zero madalinas for $6,000 in san francisco. now this cabs i'll give you another paper and it shows how much times they've been running empty they're running 45 percent empty afterward. this paper will tell you there is no need for any more taxis right now. thank you and a (calling names) >> good afternoon charles on behalf of luxury cab and we you're going to to support all the proposals that are before you today. we agree that there are a lot of taxi cabs on the streets today. more cabs are a prerequisite too important service. more cabs is also crucial to restoring some semblance of the law and order to the transportation services on the streets in san francisco. and i don't believe that you're being asked yet to deci
agreeable that's a comprehensive report. as far as keeping the madalinas price at the 2 hundred and 50 thousand at a 3rd of two years doesn't make sense. but i'd like to an answer as far as what you can sell it for at 2 hundred thousand and that's caps. i'm a little confused on that if you could address that. just enforcement >> thank you. >> (calling names). >> good afternoon san francisco cab drivers association. i feel we could use a few more cancer but not before cracking down on all the illegal cabs. you make us feel ridiculous when we have those mustache cabs and go ahead and operate with no reprimand or nothing same with the illegal town cars and there's not enough room to pull up and their soliciting other folks. weather app their coming up with so people can see all the taxis on one screen. you need to you hire more enforcement officers and they need to be out 24 hours. because when i'm out there there's nobody out there doing anything. i don't think the mta should be leaving ma intelligence or leaving them to companies. it's a major conflict of interest. so that's all i ha
it was a purely arbitrary list and a way to get a madalinas for free. so all the meetings i want to it make sense that issuing of madalinas should have been based on seniority. and if you stated in the business after a reasonable period of time like you 15, 20, 30 years i ought to get a madalinas. although the single operator permit is a step in the right direction unfortunately, there was a group of 5 of us who were passed over i understand i was number 56 and i find out that 5 of us were passed over. so i would like you to address that issue one madalinas owner wanted no part of it perhaps leave the country so if that specific issue could be addressed please. >> (calling names). >> good afternoon. the first issue we have to address is this whole question of dispatch. i mean two minutes it's impossible. the only thing is let us not have any and i illustrations all those applications are elitists in the respect that the people who have smart phones, the people who are even going to understand those things are in the tape or medium income brackets. one of the purposes you are sitting here is to
an awful lost money out of the drivers poshths everyday. >> like madalinas holders who don't have to tip they're paying up to $7 a day. and think we got clear answers that people are paying what we don't want to pay and even those who say it's voluntarily it's okay no one likes to feel exploited. >> i'm interested in taxis first, as a procedural matter i think we should move the amendment as suggested there's no option to that. >> we'll recap that. >> thank you directors it would be a motion to amend the recommendation to change the whereas clause. it is the second whereas clause i'm sorry the third whereas clause and it would read that all new taxi madalinas permits should be probate a hybrid boy zealous or natural gas very long or other choices as authorized depending upon the factors as accessibility or fuel efficiency. >> so doctor you move that one? >> okay. we don't vote? you would vote on the amendment at this point and the other >> okay director. >> thank you very much. i too found it very helpful report and discussion on today a lot more agreement and i attribute that to
that the city needs on easy to manage and efficient industry and to empower i need to make sure the madalinas are distributed according. and we need the city to innovate and they want good taxi service and innovation. >> (calling names). >> hey good afternoon. driving of veterans cab. i'd like to thank doctor for the report it's a great report. very comprehensive. but as mark said i don't know if obsolete is the word yeah. we've got this rule undertaking the c puc and it's going to be a big one. quite the social scientists he covered a lot. it's obsolete because we have a number of cabs and that's going to give you our hard numbers. you're going to have a universal app in all the cabs and it's all the information is going to be there. there's going to be hard numbers to go by. i've been driving for 10 years and the numbers are saying we need more cabs. so that's one thing and lastly, i want to throw a scenario out there i'm on the madalinas waiting list i've got a $250,000 house in west oakland. so go do what you want me on the dying list for a $50,000 down payment do you think i'm going to
are going to be legal listed i want to say we disagree with the issues. there are 3 hundred and 70 madalinas coming out. i would promote 50 more single operators to be given permits some of the older drivers some of them should have gotten the mcintelligence. of the remaining madalinas i hope many of the half priced one will go out with a priority. you're going to have a color scheme and out of control situation >> (calling names). >> afternoon. i represent a cab company. in regards to the solution of the ma intelligence by the affiliate cabs is outlined in the proposal. those voldz lae - they can't hae driving their own car and to make sure the car is safe including parking, accident etc. they can't do the job for the whole color scheme. right now, i'm aware of a single operator permit that has numerous problems. they have non-standard equipment in the cars and this permit is currently under investigation with the mta. in short members of the board they have little experience in running cabs and let us do our jobs. if the lease companies should make sure all the drivers are provided with
continue to finance those madalinas at $250,000 a pop. >> yeah. >> i know you've met many a mike phones in your life. >> i'm comfortable with that. >> yes. we've gone through the study and we share the shame concerns as many do with the other, you know, hoover lift and sidecar with what's happening on that so we would support a lower value at $250,000 and we'd finance that. >> you'll continue to finance then? >> yes and a thank you that's very helpful. i didn't ask you the hard question whether i'd finance at 3 hundred this is a significant revenue decrease on the agency go which something we've agreed on. i hear everybody you're saying. is the staff recommendation that we follow that and reduce to 250 despite the impacts. i feel like i'm not a party because i'm not an economist. but when doctor made the recommendation i went to the credit union and i learned that the $250,000 price is really very, very comfortable price. that's been working very well increase in terms of people getting quality and people feeling like there's a value in the madalinas. but i want to channel the extr
in his speech. okay. how do you balance the number of the part time madalinas into our totals >> we have a court remedies on the number of taxis. it also says we would be better off to recommend a similar part time madalinas our case is 60 not 90 hours we're trying to truly shape that demand to the different spots and the other main difference is with our recommendation that is a form of laefs. where the current permits are given away in the industry who were omitted from the list. so this is not included in our counter recommendation >> so there's two separate issues one is your recommendation is to expand the size of the fleet to meet demand and that could include part time madalinas or not. >> so if there was uptake for the part time. >> and as to the means to do it you're relating a direct lease to the companies with all the revenues coming to mtas not a single operator. >> i didn't follow the last - and as the single operator is a revenue benefit to the mta because we're giving away the permit value to the operator and so our recommendation. >> it's obviously not the same
a ramp taxiing madalinas and you sucked four and a half thousand dollars from me on fees. that's what this industry is all about it freeze. and i want to find out you have a bunch of apps out there and nothing in your report thrills how many there are by you have 2 thousand extra cabs not in your report. and i see limousines and cab cars picking up people and it's not in your report. your whole management is dysfunctional. who's making the money in this business? it's not the cab driver. we don't have medical, dental pensions or employment. at the same time i have an out of control app base that's only going to greer grow it's not going to dissipate. i thank you for your time >> here's 7 companies of the sf weekly. >> good afternoon fellow directors. i went to the town hall meeting last week and i was dishastened we didn't actually get any summarize of the copies to look at. i was a disappointed on some of the answers to his questions. i'll tell you the taxi business was better off because we got - or departments under your organizations it was better when it wasn't under your orga
. and then my second question is back to the directors question is the increase of the madalinas. and this is on the budget impact of shifting the pricing of the madalinas. i was looking through my comprehensive budget and what will be the impact to the raw budget? >> up until this point we haven't, you know, decided how many of the madalinas would be when we set a price we didn't know maybe every 10 we use the impact would be this. the math is if we were to secure authorization to get 1 hundred would be times 3 hundred thousand or so. that's the budget impact our if you recall when we were developing the two year budget we're conservative we didn't know where this process was going to go. so the question is the recommendation from 2 to 3 hundred would it yeast a revenue problem? no, i think we have a low enough 0 number we won't create a hole in the budget. we are looking a little to the long-term and we're feeling more comfortable thank you $250,000 level for the long term to see what the uptake is and to see how the dynamics of the industry how it will change. we thought we h
and bye it. a number of rules of is expected to go further down with regard to buying madalinas. and let the director go. this was created by her. she is the biggest failure at such a high amount your paying. please liter go. thank you >> next speaker please and (calling names). >> good afternoon. i'm bill i'm a taxi driver for twre or 24 years. i'd like to address this doctor i don't know his last name but i spoke to him last week and he's never flilgd a taxi cab. now how can a man write up a report and come up with all this and never ride in a taxi cab. we paid him $200,000 to do this report. i drive downtown for the first couple of you hours it's true i'm empty for half an hour. they scream not enough cabs because they won't wait two or three minutes for a taxi. you know, adding those short term madalinas was tried before and it didn't work. you gave those guys a top number on their whatever it's called the card we got the taxi cab card and what happened - i'm talking. anyway, the number on the card we have and now they have got full-time taxis because the cab companies won't put o
term madalinas was tried before and it didn't work. you gave those guys a top number on their whatever it's called the card we got the taxi cab card and what happened - i'm talking. anyway, the number on the card we have and now they have got full-time taxis because the cab companies won't put out the shiners costs so they've become full-time taxis. and so far as the taxis i'm high on the madalinas list and i'm getting one and i'm grateful to the board for bringing the price down. i'm very, very happy to be paying less money and thank you. >> (calling names). >> san francisco taxi driver. two public safety things i want to get into and one thing out of left field. the public safety is first caltrans should be on the other side of the street 90 of the riding fairs are on the other side of the street. you have giant street you should go down there it's 0 total chaos. so if we move the cab signs on the other side of the street and stop the cabs from poovp from the other side of the street. and all you drivers inside to go to this website car c ar s ta c h sh
. if you're selling eggs for one price no one can beat you >> the single operator peak madalinas it's right now at 90 hours we are to reduce it to 60 hours. the 90 hours is one driver covering that? >> it's a 10 adheres max in line good pursuance. in top of that there's a give back you're not going to - we're rewarding people who have driven long hours already. >> so that single operator permit is one operator, one driver and now you're speaking to chris's? >> i want to distinguish what we're having in place a senior operating permit because it was given to taxi drivers in order of their a card seniority for the purpose to allow individuals to maintain a certain amount of shifts and it is not a classic model that well, there's no classic model of a single permit because it's a rare type of you arrangement. the single permit risks you face are the full-time expenses. one of the risks is somebody become i will and not been able to make they're driving income and not been able to make the payments on the capital investment. we added the ability for those senior drivers to make arran
Search Results 0 to 26 of about 27 (some duplicates have been removed)